Follow Assemble Instruction

  1. Layout your frame rails with the front side down and identify one of the short sides.
  2. In the hardware package locate the corner brackets: four pressure plate brackets and four set screw brackets.
  3. With a set screw bracket on top and pressure plate under it, insert both brackets into slots of bracket.
  4. Tighten the set screws against the pressure plates to hold the pair in place, but do not tighten all the way, as you will not be able to slide the  frame rails in.
  5. Slide the two sides onto the exposed angles and tighten.
  6. Slide in protective lens cover, poster, backing and slide in the frame wire hangers. You can also install the frame wire hangers by inserting them directly into the back of the frame rail by tilting them down and then locking them in place by tightening the screw.
  7. Inspect the frame to ensure that the corners are aligned. Loosen and re tighten set screws if necessary.
  8. With the frame still face down, insert the tension springs between the frame and backing to press the Photobrick board and backing against the cover.

Enjoy your new PHOTOBRICK !